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Food Safety

Unlocking Food Safety Excellence with SureTrend - Insights from Hygiena's Latest Webinar with Mark Carter

In our latest webinar, Hygiena® had the privilege of hosting Mark Carter, our Senior Software Product Manager and President-elect of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP). Mark, a distinguished expert in food safety technologies, shared his deep insights into how SureTrend®, Hygiena's powerful data platform, can revolutionize food safety and quality management.

Mark kicked off the webinar by highlighting a significant challenge in the food industry: the integration of data from various sources throughout the supply chain. He emphasized that SureTrend provides a comprehensive solution, seamlessly aggregating data from farm to fork. This integration allows businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing food safety and quality.

Drawing from his extensive experience in managing laboratories and food manufacturing sites, Mark explained the critical role of data-driven decisions in ensuring food safety. He demonstrated how SureTrend excels in visualizing and exploring data, handling information from pre-production stages to post-distribution, thereby offering a complete view of food safety across the supply chain.

A key focus of the webinar was on the importance of meeting international food safety and quality standards. Mark explained how SureTrend aids in compliance by providing detailed insights and traceability, ensuring that products meet global standards and regulations.

One of the most compelling parts of the webinar was a practical case study showcasing SureTrend's impact. Mark shared how a company implemented new cleaning procedures and leveraged SureTrend’s data insights. The results were impressive: a 23% improvement in compliance, a 19% reduction in chemical use and an extension of product shelf life by one week. This case study highlighted SureTrend's ability to support advanced data analysis, from scenario modelling to predictive analytics, leading to significant operational improvements.

SureTrend’s user-friendly design and flexibility were also emphasized. The platform offers customizable dashboards, automated alerts and mobile accessibility, making it easy for users to access and utilize their data anytime, anywhere. This flexibility ensures quick visual assessments and informed decision-making, crucial for maintaining high standards in food safety and quality.

Mark concluded the webinar by reiterating the transformative power of SureTrend in turning data into actionable intelligence. By leveraging SureTrend, businesses can enhance their food safety programs, drive operational efficiencies and achieve greater compliance with industry standards.

For those who couldn't attend the webinar, we invite you to watch the full session and discover how SureTrend can unlock the power of your food safety data, driving your business towards excellence. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an international expert and see how SureTrend can elevate your food safety and quality management practices.

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