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Lab Format Digital Dry Block Incubator

Digital Dry Block Incubator

The lab format incubator (30-70 wells) offers two separate blocks (A & B) each with separate temperature controls and allowing for three separate well configurations.


Key Benefits

Increased Lab Productivity
Assays easy to set up with less hands-on preparation time.
Reduce the risk of errors and free up valuable technician time.
Simplified Workflow
Increase lab productivity with streamlined protocols
Less hands-on time frees technician time for other lab work.
24-Hour Global Support
Experts on-call to address your questions
Technical support across all time zones and countries means quick resolution so you can keep your products flowing.

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Accessories for Lab Format Digital Dry Block Incubator

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IB00135-well swab-size block for INCUBATOR21
IB00215-well vial tube size block for INCUBATOR21

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