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Lab Equipment

Equipment to support microorganism detection. From heat blocks and small incubators to PCR thermal blocks and D-Light and allergen test readers, we have the laboratory equipment you need.

Lab Equipment

Small Digital Dry Block Incubator
Small Digital Dry Block Incubator

The small footprint version of the digital dry block incubator is perfect for labs with limited bench-top space and small test volumes (6-12 samples/wells). 

Product Number: INCUBATOR
Digital Dry Block Incubator
Lab Format Digital Dry Block Incubator

The lab format incubator (30-70 wells) offers two separate blocks (A & B) each with separate temperature controls and allowing for three separate well configurations.

Product Number: INCUBATOR2

This compact, benchtop instrument is designed for the differentiation of DNA from dead and living cells to avoid false-positive PCR results. It is designed to be used as a preliminary step of sample treatment before DNA extraction.

Product Number: MCH230039
Automated Themal Block
Automated Thermal Block

The Hygiena® Automated Thermal Block is an automated heating and cooling device that is programmed to automatically perform the lysis steps for BAX® System protocols. By automatically providing sequential heating and cooling conditions, the Hygiena® Thermal Block eliminates the need to manually transfer samples between separate heating and cooling blocks. At the end of each lysis program, the block holds the sample at 4 °C until you remove them.

Product Number: MCH2023
Alertox Cube Reader
Cube Reader

Hygiena® Cube Reader is a simple, easy-to-use instrument that scans GlutenTox® Sticks Plus for Reader sticks and provides qualitative, quantitative, and semi-quantitative data concerning the amount of gluten present in samples analyzed by GlutenTox® Sticks Plus for Reader.

Product Number: ASY3206

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