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Technology Guide

Our Technology Guide explains how our advanced testing methods form the foundation of our products, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability in environmental and food safety.

Advanced Technologies for Environmental and Food Testing

At the forefront of biotechnology, we specialize in advanced environmental and food safety testing. Our cutting-edge Real-time PCR Assays, Rapid Indicator Tests, Microbial Screening Assays, Chromogenic tests, Lateral Flow Assays, and ELISAs, with science that makes a difference. Trust in our expertise to deliver reliable, fast, and comprehensive solutions for a safer tomorrow.


ATP Verification

Revolutionize your environmental monitoring with advanced ATP technology.


Real-Time PCR

Transform your food production with real-time PCR technology – enhancing safety, quality, and efficiency at every step.

ATP Swab Lab

Rapid Indicator Tests

Fast, dependable outcomes - every device ensures food safety reliability.



Enhance food safety tests using ELISAs for reliable mycotoxin, allergen detection.

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