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Food Safety

Dr. Maximilian Casteel Talks Real Results with Hygiena®

In the world of food safety getting accurate results isn’t just important—it's everything. That’s where Dr. Maximilian Casteel, the Lab Manager at WEK Labor, steps in. With over 12 years at the helm of a lab that’s been trusted for its diagnostics for three decades, Dr. Casteel knows what works. And for him, that’s teaming up with Hygiena®

Dr. Casteel's lab relies heavily on Hygiena’s foodproof® kits for the detection of pathogens like Salmonella and Listeria in the meat and poultry products it tests. "A significant benefit for us is our partnership with a leading industry player, Hygiena, which supplies us with a range of products," says Dr. Casteel.

In the interview, Dr. Casteel shows his appreciation for the convenience of acquiring multiple products from the same company. "Another perk of collaborating with Hygiena is the ability to source application-driven workflow solutions, particularly sample handling, purification and PCR solutions from a single supplier, ensuring they are fully compatible. This streamlines our lab operations considerably," he explains.

However, the collaboration extends beyond just the kits. The laboratory also invests in sophisticated instruments, including cyclers and automated purification systems. Moreover, the support services provided by Hygiena is exemplary. "If ever any problems arise, Hygiena are always quick to address them," Dr. Casteel adds.

When asked if he’d recommend Hygiena, Dr. Casteel doesn’t hesitate: "Drawing from my years of experience, I wholeheartedly endorse Hygiena."

Dr. Casteel’s story is a straightforward one: great results come from using the right tools and having the right people behind them. And for WEK Labor, that means sticking with Hygiena.

Watch the video testimonial to learn about our commitment to excellence and the needs of our valued customers like WEK Labor.

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For more information about the types of food safety solutions WEK Labor uses, please visit our poultry landing page.

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