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How Easy it is to Switch to EnSURE® Touch

There is no denying that ATP systems are essential tools for food safety and quality control. Daily ATP and other microorganism testing make up a large part of the cost associated with quality programs outside of labor. That’s why choosing the right ATP system is crucial for an environmental monitoring program. If you’re exploring your options or just seeing what is out there, you’ve come to the right place! Here are just a few reasons why EnSURE® Touch is the easiest and most intuitive luminometer on the market and why switching to Hygiena® is not as painful as you may think.

Will switching save me money?

YES! Not only can you qualify for a discounted or FREE EnSURE Touch, Hygiena can save you up to 50% on your testing needs!

Will training my staff be difficult?

Not at all! The EnSURE Touch is designed to be used by anyone, with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training. Unlike competitor luminometers with outdated interfaces, the EnSURE Touch behaves like a smartphone making it simple to train. Each test and specific function has its own app, just like a smartphone, so there are no guessing games which test device is recorded where. We have a dedicated account representative that will help move your existing plan onto the EnSURE Touch and SureTrend Software. This whole process can be done remotely or in person. The EnSURE Touch includes screen-sharing capabilities through TeamViewer, allowing for instant remote training and support. This feature saves time and money compared to traditional training methods, and makes it easy to get started with the EnSURE Touch.

ATP luminometers are all the same so why switch?

Not the case anymore. New technology and investment in R&D over 20 years has created a multi-purpose system. One of the many great features of the EnSURE Touch is its ability to support a variety of test methods (ATP, indicator organisms, enzyme, pathogen, and allergen), making it the most versatile system for a wide range of applications. Unlike other luminometers with limited functionality, the EnSURE Touch is the perfect solution for all your testing needs. 

ATP Cleaning Verification Tests

UltraSnap, SuperSnap, AquaSnap TOTAL, AquaSnap FREE

Indicator Organism Tests

MicroSnap Coliform, MicroSnap E.coli, MicroSnap Total and MicroSnap EB

Enzyme Tests

CrossCheck and ZymoSnap ALP

Will I need to change my SOPs?

Short answer, yes. However, switching to the EnSURE Touch will positively affect your existing SOPs. Because of the broad range of applications supported by the luminometer, this is the perfect opportunity to simplify your quality system and operating procedures.

Can I transfer my current environmental monitoring data?

Absolutely! Measuring values from competitor luminometers can be easily converted to EnSURE Touch’s precise Relative Light Units (RLUs) and uploaded to its compatible analytics software, SureTrend®. You will be able to view historical data, share it among your team and make data-driven decisions with the luminometer’s secure software.

Will I receive support after I onboard?

YES! Our team of experts is global and available to answer any questions you have. Most issues can be resolved over the phone, so you don’t have to put your production on hold if you experience trouble with one of our products. Additionally, Hygiena Academy holds monthly training for our luminometers, test devices, and software, so your team stays up to date. In conclusion, the EnSURE Touch luminometer by Hygiena is the perfect solution for all your food safety and quality control needs. With its user-friendly interface, compatibility with multiple methods, analytics, and global support team, it's easy to see why switching to Hygiena is not only simple but also beneficial. You can expect to save money, receive comprehensive training, and have access to all your environmental monitoring data, without having to change your existing standard operating procedures. Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your environmental monitoring program with the EnSURE Touch luminometer today! 

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