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Hygiene Monitoring

How The Orders of St. John Care Trust Ensures Residents, Staff, and Visitors Are Safe

In the demanding environment of care homes, ensuring the health and safety of residents, staff, and visitors is paramount. The Orders of St. John Care Trust (OSJCT), a reputable care provider in the United Kingdom, understands these challenges deeply. Their residents often include the elderly and immunocompromised, making stringent health and safety measures essential. To meet these needs, OSJCT has embraced innovative solutions, including the EnSURE® Touch and SureTrend® systems, focusing on thorough cleanliness and rigorous ATP testing across all their facilities.

OSJCT's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene is demonstrated through their rigorous testing protocols. By measuring ATP, a molecule indicating biological residue, they can assess the cleanliness of surfaces in real time. This process is critical in high-contact areas like door handles, kitchen surfaces, and bathrooms. As part of their comprehensive strategy, OSJCT has equipped each of its 68 homes with an EnSURE Touch device, ensuring that all cleaning efforts meet their high standards. This method not only enhances environmental cleanliness but also provides a clear metric to evaluate and improve cleaning practices continuously.

The integration of SureTrend software is a testament to OSJCT's dedication to leveraging technology for health safety. This platform collects data from across all homes, allowing for quick identification and response to any areas needing attention. As one staff member noted, "Having one system for measuring cleaning effectiveness at all 68 of our homes is essential to ensuring the safety of our residents and staff... providing the reassurance needed for our staff to feel comfortable working in the homes." This holistic approach not only secures the physical health of everyone in the facility but also enhances their overall well-being and peace of mind.

Learn how The Orders of St. John Care Trust implemented ATP testing to ensure residents, staff and visitors stay safe.

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