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ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit

ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit.png
ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit.png

ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit validates the performance of ZymoSnap ALP pasteurization verification test. It includes 5 vials of 350 mU/L ALP for positive control testing.

Key Benefits

Positive controls designed for validating detection of ALP.
Ensures you can easily set pass/fail levels for each milk type to allow rapid product release, reducing holding costs.
Compatible with EnSURE Touch
Collect data using EnSURE Touch and analyze in SureTrend.
Single system to capture, quantitate, analyze and trend data allows optimization of your EM program.
Easy-to-use vials
Each vial contains 350 mU/L ALP, making testing easy.
Controls for comparison to milk products verify pasteurization results, providing confidence in product quality.

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