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RapiScreen Dairy Kit

The RapiScreen™ Dairy kit together with the Innovate™ Rapid Microbial Screening System provides a rapid method to confirm the absence of microbial contamination in aseptic, shelf-life stable and extended shelf-life dairy, soy and alternative milk products.

Key Benefits

Actionable Data in 30 Minutes
Fast, efficient product release testing.
Rapidly detect bio-burden in packaged UHT or ESL pasteurized products to decrease inventory and warehouse costs and release products days faster.
Reduces Costs
Decrease facility costs by releasing products days faster.
Shorter production hold times means a reduction in inventory and warehouse holding costs.
Superior Sensitivity
Easily detects low level contamination.
Sensitivity means contamination is easily detected, ensuring the safety and quality of your finished product.
Unmatched Versatility
Test a wide range of product types.
Streamline testing with a single option for a wide variety of matrices, reducing costs and simplifying lab workflows.
Increased Reagent Stability
Reagents are stable for 5 days on the Innovate System.
Minimizes reagent waste or loss, the risk of contamination and decreases prep time.
Software Flexibility
Adjustable software allows enhanced data tracking.
Analyze results via LIMS, export data or send directly to the Autosampler III, reducing the risk of manual errors.

Monitoring Systems



The Innovate System offers rapid product testing for food & beverage manufacturers to rapidly confirm the quality of their product inventory for fast, efficient and safe product release.


Automation Solutions

Innovate Autosampler III
Innovate Autosampler III
Innovate System flow Autosampler III

 Innovate™ Autosampler III

The Innovate Autosampler III is a high-volume automated sampling solution for high throughput bottling and aseptic packaging facilities. It streamlines product sampling from any style carton to the testing plate, increasing efficiency and consistency.


Kits and Accessories

Product No.ProductQuantity
KIT4014ATP Positive Control Kit1
KIT4012Monthly Maintenance Cleaning Kit for Innovate1
MIS4085Pipette, 20-200 μL1
MIS4086Pipette, 100-1,000 μL1
MIS4088ATP-free pipette tips, 200 μL10 x 96 pcs
MIS4089ATP-free pipette tips, 1,000 μL10 x 100 pcs
MIS4091Non-sterile pipette tips, 200 μL1
MIS4092Non-sterile pipette tips, 1,000 μL10 x 100 pcs
MIS4090Wide bore pipette tips, 200 μL10 x 96 pcs
MIS4000Microtiter Plates PS Grey 961
KIT4043Microwash 500 ml1
MIS4083Antifoam dropper bottle1

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