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Pathogen Detection

The original creator of PCR technology. The BAX® System provides reliable PCR testing with the largest breadth of validated matrices.

Pathogen Detection

The BAX® System, foodproof®, foodproof® SL and microproof® product lines offer versatile real-time PCR rapid tests, meeting every challenge when combined with the optimized nucleic acid extraction kit.

BAX® System Q7

Designed for those who value fast time to result, flexibility, and throughput in their pathogen detection program.

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BAX® System X5

Handles 32 samples using the same advanced PCR technology to accurately and reliably identify foodborne pathogens.

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BAX® System PCR Pathogen Tests

Over 20 test kits and dozens of validated matrices. Checkout each of our pathogenic targets below and discover associated protocols to streamline your food safety program.


Salmonella PCR Test Kit


Campylobacter PCR Test Kit

Listeria Genus

Listeria Genus PCR Test Kit

L. monocytogenes

Listeria Monocytogenes PCR Test Kit

E. coli O157:H7

E. coli O157:H7 PCR Test Kit




Shigella PCR Test Kit


Vibrio PCR Test Kit

Staph. aureus

Staphylococcus aureus PCR Test Kit


Cronobacter PCR Test Kit

Yeast & Mold

Yeast and Mold PCR Test Kit

Real-Time PCR Quantification

Hygiena is pioneering diagnostics with the ability to quantify Salmonella on the farm, throughout processing at critical control points, and at final product for faster release or diversions.

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It is essential that the right enrichment media is used. Hygiena offers dehydrated culture media for the enrichment of pathogenic bacteria, and selective enrichment media to support specific growth of Listeria, E. coli O157:H7, STEC, and Salmonella.

Chromogenic Pathogen Test

The InSite™ collection of chromogenic pathogen tests provide an easy-to-use self-contained environmental sampling and screening test to help you control pathogens in your environment.

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Sample Collection

Hygiena™ offers sample collection devices to meet your needs.
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Indicator Organisms

Total Viable Count, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform, E. coli tests for food and surfaces.
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Microbial Screening

Rapid microbial screening for UHT and ELS Testing to reduces release cycle time.
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