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foodproof® Listeria monocytogenes Detection LyoKit

This kit provides fast, accurate detection of L. monocytogenes.


This kit provides fast, accurate detection of L. monocytogenes.

L. monocytogenes

AOAC-RI, NordVal
KIT230092 (LP), KIT230093 (RP), KIT230094 (DP)

Key Benefits

Easy to Use
Streamlined workflows with simplified steps
Minimizes user errors and cross-contamination.
Superior Sensitivity
Detects small organism numbers with low DNA levels (or low levels of DNA)
Easily detects low-level contamination, keeping affected food from being released and decreasing risk of recalls.
Rapid Results
Reduced time to results enables faster decisions
Dozens of protocols to ensure faster detection/quantitation for your specific matrix of concern.
Proven Protocols
Validated methods across many applications & matrices
Specific methods for the most commonly affected matrices.
Intuitive Software
Accurate algorithms for result analysis and interpretation
Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.
Broad Compatibility
Suitable for a variety of real-time cyclers
Allows fast integration into an already existing PCR lab

foodproof® Workflow

We offer a broad portfolio of products for a robust and reliable real-time PCR detection by providing not only kits tailored to the needs in your lab but also instruments for automation of liquid handling and real-time PCR cyclers.

Sample Enrichment
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Tailored DNA/RNA Extraction
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Real-Time PCR Detection

Real-Time PCR Instruments

Our foodproof and microproof PCR kits are compatible with many real-time PCR cyclers. For an overview reference the product sheet or contact us.


 Dualo 32® R2

The Dualo 32 R2 is a robust 32-well instrument in a convenient format, ideal for facilities with small to medium throughput and little lab space. The wide optical spectrum allows the flexible use of both hydrolysis and hybridization probes. The instrument is optimized for quality control for all different parameters in the food and feed industry.



We provide extraction kits tailored to your needs:

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Enrichment media that is suitable for the selective growth of microorganisms. A variety of other enrichment media can also be used.
Actero Elite Listeria Enrichment Media

 Actero Elite Listeria Enrichment Media

The patented Actero™ Elite Listeria Enrichment Media is a selective bacterial culture medium specifically optimized for the recovery of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes from environmental and food samples in a single-step enrichment. Actero™ Elite Listeria is an optimized formulation with the advantages of having the fastest time-to-results, and is accurate and specific for the target bacteria even in the presence of abundant competing flora.

BAX System Listeria Media

BAX® System Listeria Media

A single selective enrichment broth optimized to detect Listeria with the BAX® System. The media provide nutrients and stable pH conditions to improve recovery from sponges and swabs used to sample food manufacturing environments.The media enables next-day results for environmental samples tested with the BAX® System PCR Assay for Genus Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes (including the BAX® System X5).

2.5 kg

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