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Hygiene Monitoring

Optimizing Environmental Monitoring in Poultry Hatcheries: An Aviagen® Case Study

In a recent case study titled "Optimization of Environmental Monitoring Solutions in Poultry Hatcheries for Sustainable Practices," Hygiena® and Aviagen® have joined forces to set new standards in the poultry sector. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both organizations to pioneer sustainable and innovative solutions in poultry and hatchery hygiene.

About Aviagen

Aviagen stands as a global authority in poultry genetics, renowned for its leading-edge technology in research and development and its forward-thinking hygiene and animal welfare concepts. 

Facing the challenge of upholding unparalleled health and biosecurity standards across its extensive network of 500 broiler farms and 11 hatcheries, Aviagen embarked on a mission. The goal was to harmonize global facilities through advanced software and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing solutions, facilitating rapid, consistent and quantitative cleanliness assessments.

Striving for Global Standardization

Adherence to stringent sanitation standards, such as those outlined by the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) and the European Committee's National Control Plans, is paramount for Aviagen. The transition from traditional testing methods to Hygiena's rapid, cloud-based SureTrend® solution marked a significant leap forward, offering real-time, globally accessible data visualization, a critical tool for informed decision-making.

Advanced Hygiene Monitoring with Hygiena

The collaboration with Hygiena introduced Aviagen to an integrated environmental monitoring ecosystem, capable of capturing diverse hygiene and quality test results. This system facilitated a seamless shift from paper-based to digital record-keeping, enhancing sustainability, traceability, and efficiency.

Hygiena's SureTrend software emerged as a cornerstone of this transformation, allowing for real-time, data-driven decisions and immediate corrective actions, elevating hatchery operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Testimonials from the Field

Aviagen professionals, including Dr. Kara Friel from the UK and Senior Microbiologist Steven Campas from the US, have enthusiastically welcomed the transition to Hygiena's solutions. The benefits range from enhanced sustainability and traceability to improved operational efficiency and ease of use, setting a new benchmark in environmental monitoring within the poultry industry.

A Partnership for the Future

This case study not only showcases the successful implementation of Hygiena's solutions across Aviagen's global operations but also highlights the ongoing strategic partnership between industry leading organizations. Together, they continue to innovate and drive the industry forward, ensuring the safety and quality of poultry products worldwide.

We invite you to download the full case study here.

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