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Cuidados com a saúde CDC

Descubra as chaves para melhorar a limpeza e reduzir as infecções associadas à assistência à saúde (HAIs) em nosso guia detalhado. Alinhado às recomendações do CDC, ele oferece insights sobre a implementação do Sistema de Verificação de Limpeza ATP, a escolha de locais de teste, o estabelecimento de linhas de base de limpeza e a otimização do monitoramento para melhorar a higiene em ambientes de saúde.

In healthcare, while surface and equipment cleaning and sanitizing methods may vary, ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning practices is crucial to prevent illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. Therefore, Environmental Services (EVS) staff need rapid, quantifiable data points to confirm cleaning outcomes and take action when needed.  

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highly recommends using an ATP Cleaning Verification System as an quantifiable objective method for assessing cleanliness rather than relying only on visual inspections, which can be extremely subjective.  Culture methods, on the other hand, are too slow and require lab equipment and trained personnel; an ATP-based method is recommended to monitor the cleaning routine due to its intrinsic advantages of speed and simplicity.  ATP testing also provides additional advantages such as objective results and immediate feedback with minimal training required, with results in seconds.

How Does ATP Testing Improve Cleaning Verification and Reduce HAIs?

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ATP Boosts Hospital Sanitation Standards

Hygiena’s ATP monitoring system detects and quantifies contamination and validates adherence to cleaning protocols, assisting in identifying problem areas, evaluating cleaning procedures, and setting improvement goals in hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

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ATP Confirms Effective Surface Cleanliness

Hygiena’s advanced ATP-based cleaning verification provides quantitative, science-backed data on actual surface cleanliness. Our intuitive solutions automate the testing and analysis process to give instant, quantitative insights on environmental hygiene efficacy - enabling you and your team to enhance procedures, standardize sanitation workflows and ultimately drive impact on reducing HAIs. 

Key Performance Characteristics of ATP Hygiene Systems


Detects the smallest amount of ATP


Minimal variation of results from repeated tests of the same sample


Measured ATP values align with the true values


Repeated tests produce the same results

Use Hygiena’s CalCheck quarterly to maintain luminometer calibration and gain peace of mind.

Introducing All-in-One Cleaning Verification Solution

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Fast, Intuitive Testing
Fast, Intuitive Testing

Smartphone-like ATP luminometer and simple swab process provide rapid, actionable pass/fail results.

Trusted Partner
Trusted Partner

Dedicated team provides ongoing optimization support from product supply to 24/7 technical assistance.

Unified Data Analytics
Unified Data Analytics

Consolidates data enterprise-wide for standardized, real-time insights to optimize protocols.

HAI Risk Visibility
HAI Risk Visibility

Pinpoints hotspots by displaying surface testing analytics to enable targeted mitigation.

Cost-Effective Solution
Cost-Effective Solution

Competitive cleaning verification solution that surpasses other methods.

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“EnSURE Touch, combined with SureTrend Cloud, gives us confidence and peace of mine that our cleaning practices are working effectively”, 

- St. Johns Care Trust. 

Improve Your Cleaning Monitoring Plan

EnSure Touch

EnSURE® Touch Luminometer

Our intuitive, handheld instrument provides rapid pass/fail ATP sanitation testing results in 10 seconds for real-time surface cleanliness analysis.

Environmental Maps


Our cloud-based data analytics platform enables seamless data aggregation, analysis, mapping, trending, and centralized monitoring of enterprise-wide ATP testing results for optimal risk management and rapid decision-making. 



High-sensitivity swabs are scientifically designed to effectively collect samples from critical environmental surfaces, providing ATP results that sync through the EnSURE Touch to SureTrend for immediate cleanliness verification and data analysis. 



The SuperSnap® High Sensitivity ATP Surface Test can detect extremely low levels of ATP, making it perfect for supporting stringent SOPs. 


Hygiena® MediCheck™

A quick and easy way to verify cleanliness, MediCheck™ detects any protein residues left on a surface after cleaning. By simply swabbing the area and activating the device, you release a reagent that turns color, providing a qualitative and semi-quantitative result of the protein levels on the surface. 


Hygiena® EndoSwab

This sample collection device is used in conjunction with the UltraSnap Surface ATP Test. It features a foam tip attached to a long wand, which is used to collect test samples from the main endoscope channel. After sampling, the foam tip is cut off the wand and aseptically added to the ATP test device, processed and analyzed on a Hygiena® luminometer. The resulting RLUs indicate whether the internal channel was cleaned effectively. 

Watch our video to learn more about Hygiena’s Cleaning Verification System and how it can help you optimize your processes. 

EnSure Touch

Are you still relying on visual inspections and paper-based data collection?

Switch to Hygiena’s Cleaning Verification Solution and reduce HAI risk now: 

  • Visual inspections are subjective, rather than objective; they vary per time, per person and give no measurable feedback on cleanliness. 
  • ATP testing makes cleanliness measurable and is easy to do. 
  • Paper-based data collection is tedious and prone to errors. Plus, it is not environmentally friendly. 
  • EnSURE Touch captures and saves all data and gives an immediate feedback on pass/fail.  
  • SureTrend Cloud lets you map your facility and creates an overview of past and present data, including highlighted hotspots. 
Paper to SureTrend

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