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Brazil’s Official Launch: Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023

Hygiena officially marked its presence in Brazil with the successful Hygiena Summit, entitled One Health Brazil 2023. Esteemed food safety experts graced the stage, while many more engaged from the audience, together shaping the future of food safety in Brazil and globally.

Set against the backdrop of Trio Pérgola in São Paulo, attendees commenced their day with a panoramic view of the city's skyline. Over breakfast, the attendees were invited to delve into Hygiena's pioneering solutions by taking a close-up look at the exhibition, which displayed a variety of our product offerings. The event was adorned by prominent figures from the realms of Brazilian and global food safety, setting the stage for deep-dive discussions on pressing food safety topics.

Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023 Attendees
Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023 Presentation

The day kicked off with Paulo Crepaldi diving into our "phygital" world – that sweet spot between the physical and digital. 

Following that, Amanda Manolis introduced attendees to the One Health approach – a comprehensive strategy ensuring health and safety from the farm right to the dining table. 

Diving deeper into the intricacies of food safety, Robério Machado from MAPA explored the nuances of Brazil's Self-Control Law in the food sector. Emphasizing its pivotal role in championing quality, he highlighted how the law is steering the nation towards a more dynamic food safety regime. 

Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023 Presentation
Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023 Presentation

Juan F. DeVillena, representing Wayne-Sanderson Farms, then took center stage with real-world cases of Salmonella contamination. His presentation underscored the indispensability of modern monitoring mechanisms in today's food industry. The morning discussions culminated in a lively Q&A session, led by Lauane Gonçalves de Araújo, involving Amanda, Robério, and Juan, providing an interactive platform for audience engagement.

Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023 Presentation Mark Carter

Post-lunch, Mark Carter shed light on the intricacies of environmental monitoring. The key takeaway? The modern approach, which is tech-driven and proactive. 

Leonardo Premaor Teixeira, our Business Unit Manager for Brazil, then went on to share a bit about our local endeavors and introduced our hard-working Brazilian team. 

Fernanda Spinassi, representing Food Safety Brazil, took the audience on a journey through the importance of fostering a positive food safety culture, anchored in the philosophy of learning from deviations and making data-centric decisions. 

As the day neared its end, another insightful Q&A was led, featuring Mark, Fernanda, and Humberto Cunha.

Overall, the Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023 served as a solid platform for us to showcase our efforts and commitment to Brazil's food safety scene. It didn't just leave an indelible mark on the attendees; it firmly solidified Hygiena's presence in Brazil's vibrant food safety landscape. A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone involved! Let’s maintain this momentum and be sure to keep an eye out for more insights and updates from this landmark event!

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