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Dairy Customer Testimonial

Food Safety

Hygiena's Products - A Testament to Excellence in the Dairy Industry

In a recent video testimonial, Dirk Krowas, Head of Microbiology at the Dairy Teaching and Research Institute in Oranienburg near Berlin and longstanding customer, shared insights into how Hygiena's products have significantly advanced their dairy testing processes. Mr. Krowas enthusiastically acknowledged the breadth of Hygiena's portfolio and its applicability to the wider dairy industry.

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For over a decade, the institute has relied on Hygiena's foodproof® PCR systems to detect pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenesStaphylococcus and Shiga toxin-producing E. coli. As Mr. Krowas remarks: “A major challenge in today's analytics is the rapid collection and utilization of immense amounts of data for product release, problem-solving and strategy development. Hence, the speed, reliability, and precision of our methods are paramount.” His decision, more than a decade ago, to choose Hygiena’s trusted platform is rooted in its ability to deliver precisely on these criteria, which has been crucial for the institute in maintaining high safety standards in dairy products.

Hygiena's Broad and Relevant Portfolio 

Mr. Krowas highlighted the relevance of Hygiena's entire product range to the dairy industry. “It stretches beyond environmental monitoring like hygiene sampling on farms, ATP tests, swabbing and sample collections. It also includes PCR testing for pathogens and various groups of spoilage bacteria. In additional to hygiene parameters, the portfolio also extends to allergen management, which is just as relevant to dairy companies.”

User-Friendly Design for Enhanced Efficiency

In the interview, Mr. Krowas went on to praise the foodproof PCR systems for their user-friendly design, including minimal pipetting steps and particularly the LyoKits, which streamline laboratory workflows and reduce the risk of errors. This design ethos, focused on simplicity and reliability, extends across Hygiena's product lines, ensuring ease of use without compromising on precision.

Collaboration and Innovation

Mr. Krowas's testimonial also touched on the collaborative relationship between the institute and Hygiena, particularly in the development and validation of PCR systems tailored specifically to the dairy industry's needs. This partnership underscores Hygiena's commitment to innovation and its responsiveness to specific industry challenges.

An Open Invitation to the Dairy Industry

The testimonial from the Dairy Teaching and Research Institute serves as an invitation to the dairy industry to explore how Hygiena's vast solutions enhance safety and efficiency. Mr. Krowas’s acknowledgment of Hygiena's broader portfolio suggests a wealth of solutions that could benefit dairy operations at multiple levels.

For dairy professionals seeking to advance their product safety and operational standards, exploring Hygiena's range of solutions could mark the beginning of a new era in dairy quality assurance.

For more information on our full suite of dairy testing solutions, please visit: Dairy | Hygiena

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