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BAX® System SalQuant® Receives the IAFP Food Safety Innovation Award

May 14, 2021

Hygiena® is the recipient of the 2021 IAFP Food Safety Innovation Award for developing BAX® System SalQuant®, the first AOAC-RI approved method for enumeration of Salmonella in comminuted chicken and turkey. Hygiena® continues to innovate in the area of Salmonella Quantification (SalQuant®) by developing protocols for relevant pre- and post-harvest matrices not only in the poultry industry, but beef and pork industries as well


IAFP 2021


BAX® System Real-time PCR assay

Other innovative tools that Hygiena® has recently developed are the BAX® System Real-time PCR assay for E. coli O157:H7 Exact (single target assay with increased accuracy and shortened enrichment times), BAX® Prep Xpress (automated lysis prep), SureTrend® (online data collection and analysis tools), EnSURE® Touch (next-generation quality monitoring system), BAX® System SalLimits (detection of Salmonella spp. at a specific level; i.e. ≥ 10 CFU/g), and more.

Having been recently acquired by EW GROUP, Hygiena® has joined forces with BioChek Inc. and BIOTECON Diagnostics (subsidiaries of EW GROUP), which has expanded the company's global footprint and portfolio, to position Hygiena® as a true farm-to-fork “one health” organization that provides tools for regulatory agencies and broader food and beverage industries globally. Hygiena® is honored and excited to receive this award for our efforts in innovation with SalQuant® and is positioned to continue developing innovative solutions.

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