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Food Safety

Prevent Pathogens, Protect Profits: Ensuring Dairy ROI by Mitigating Contamination Risks with Hygiena®


Pathogens threaten profits at every step of dairy production, from farm bulk tanks to finished products on store shelves. Traditional testing methods like culture plate enrichment are slow, leaving producers vulnerable to unseen risks. Rapid methods return faster results; however, selecting the appropriate tests requires careful consideration of validated matrices and the specific pathogens they are designed to detect or rule out. Without a comprehensive rapid testing platform, quality managers cannot accelerate detection and response times enough to safeguard revenues and brands from the disruptions of waste, recalls, and out-of-stock goods.

Hygiena's complete rapid pathogen and quality testing solutions convert contamination into actionable data, moving beyond fragmented individual test kits from other brands. Our comprehensive portfolio includes BAX® and foodproof® PCR assays for lab-based pathogen detection across raw ingredients to final products, EnSURE® Touch with MicroSnap® for portable on-site environmental monitoring and product testing and Innovate™ for rapid finished product testing using ATP bioluminescence. These solutions are designed to detect various pathogens and quality indicators at critical control points throughout the dairy production process. By providing an integrated rapid testing platform, Hygiena® arms dairies with microbial intelligence to transform food safety from a cost center to a profit driver.

In this blog post, we'll explore how Hygiena is revolutionizing dairy safety and profitability:

  1. Uncover the hidden costs and limitations of traditional and single-target rapid testing methods
  2. Showcase the unmatched capabilities of Hygiena's integrated portfolio of rapid, accurate and certified solutions
  3. Demonstrate the power of SureTrend® in transforming testing results into actionable insights
  4. Share real-world success stories from dairies using Hygiena solutions to optimize safety and profitability
  5. Highlight how partnering with Hygiena empowers dairies to future-proof their safety programs and drive continuous improvement

Discover how Hygiena's innovative technologies, expert support and holistic approach can help you move beyond just detecting pathogens to preventing them, unlocking a new level of safety, efficiency and ROI for your dairy operation.

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Dairy Safety Testing 

Traditional pathogen detection has primarily relied upon culture enrichment, which multiplies cells to detectable levels over days through specialized media and meticulous protocols. However, these plate and media-based methods tend to saddle dairies with intrinsic delays and accuracy issues, hiding major financial drawbacks beyond consumable costs.

Plating methods often require significant hands-on expertise; they remain prone to user errors and subjective reading of results. False positives and negatives misdirect risk analysis, as stressed cells fail to grow to detectable levels or can be hidden due to competition with other bacteria in the culture. This forces days-long holds on production batches and finished goods to retest or confirm questionable results, halting revenue flow.

On the surface, the consumable costs of culture testing appear minimal. However, there are substantial hidden expenses associated with traditional testing methods. Some of these include: 

  • Multiple dilutions: To conduct Most Probable Number (MPN) tests, plates require multiple dilutions, also known as "aliquots". Preparing these dilutions is time-consuming and requires additional materials and labor.
  • Dedicated workspace: Traditional testing methods often require a substantial amount of bench space for sample preparation and analysis and large, walk-in incubators that occupy significant laboratory space and drive up energy costs.

Moreover, undetected pathogens that slip through, or conversely, overly cautious holds resulting from false positive readings, can both cultivate more significant risks of consumer distrust, regulatory actions, or resources diverted to firefight brand-damaging recalls.

Dairies require reduced hands-on time, improved standardization for consistent results, and maximized accuracy to make the most informed decisions. The choice of pathogen testing method must balance speed and cost against providing reliable, actionable data while also considering the often-overlooked expenses related to infrastructure and the potential consequences of inaccurate results.



Navigating Rapid Testing Challenges 

While some rapid test kit competitors may claim to offer comprehensive solutions, they often fail to address the unique challenges and niche contaminants specific to the dairy industry. Many focus solely on common pathogens, leaving critical gaps in detection capabilities for rare but potentially harmful organisms that can significantly impact product quality and safety. Moreover, these competitors typically provide fragmented solutions that only address specific aspects of the production process, failing to deliver a truly end-to-end approach to dairy safety management.

Without a holistic testing portfolio that encompasses all potential contamination risks, from raw materials to finished products, dairy producers are left vulnerable to costly blind spots in their safety net. Competitors' narrow focus on pathogen detection alone neglects essential areas such as allergen monitoring, mycotoxin screening, and general hygiene verification, which are crucial for maintaining product integrity and preventing cross-contamination.

Furthermore, the lack of integration between these disparate testing solutions hinders the ability to gain comprehensive insights and make data-driven decisions for proactive risk mitigation. As a result, dairies relying on these incomplete and disjointed competitor offerings may struggle to effectively identify, prevent, and respond to potential safety issues, exposing them to significant financial and reputational risks.

The Hygiena Edge: Pioneering Precision in Dairy Safety and Profitability

With razor-thin margins defining profitability in dairy, producers require comprehensive contamination detection and management solutions that are rapid, accurate, and cost-effective. Hygiena delivers a proper end-to-end solution, offering a complete range of testing options covering all dairy safety aspects, from raw materials to finished products.

Our portfolio includes rapid pathogen detection through PCR, on-site environmental monitoring and hygiene verification with ATP testing, and allergen and mycotoxin screening. By providing a holistic approach that addresses all potential contamination risks, Hygiena empowers dairies to proactively identify and mitigate issues before they impact product quality or safety.


 In the following sections, we'll dive deeper into how Hygiena's specific product lines and technologies deliver unmatched value for dairy producers. From accelerating product release decisions to confidently scaling operations and preventing expensive brand damage, discover how Hygiena's purpose-built diagnostics provide a new level of safety and profitability in dairy production.

foodproof® PCR Assays: Streamlined Workflows and Reliable Results for Dairy Safety 

Pathogen detection is crucial for ensuring the safety and quality of dairy products. By leveraging multiplexing technology, dairies can rapidly and accurately identify the presence of multiple harmful bacteria simultaneously, streamlining testing workflows and enhancing efficiency. This approach enables dairies to prevent contaminated products from reaching consumers, avoid costly recalls, protect their brand reputation, and maintain customer trust. Implementing a multiplexed pathogen detection solution allows dairies to comply with regulatory requirements, uphold the highest food safety standards, optimize resource allocation, and reduce time to result. Screening for a wide range of pathogens in a single test enables dairies to make informed decisions quickly, minimizing contamination risks and ensuring the timely release of safe, high-quality products. 

Hygiena's foodproof PCR kits offer dairy producers a comprehensive solution for pathogen detection that delivers a significant return on investment compared to alternatives. The foodproof line is designed to streamline testing workflows while providing highly accurate and reliable results.

One key advantage of the foodproof kits is their ability to simultaneously detect multiple pathogens or targets in a single assay through multiplexing. This enables dairies to screen for a combination of a broad range of dairy-relevant pathogens, such as Listeria monocytogenes and genus, Salmonella and Cronobacter, and indicator organisms, like Enterobacteriaceae, in a single test. By consolidating testing into fewer assays and enrichments, multiplexing improves efficiency, saves time and resources and provides a more comprehensive approach to food safety monitoring.

Extensive validation of foodproof assays, as evidenced by AOAC, MicroVal, and NordVal certifications, gives dairies confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their results. This enables them to make critical product release decisions faster, reducing inventory holding costs and bringing products to market sooner.

Hygiena's foodproof PCR kits empower dairies to optimize their pathogen testing programs and maximize their return on investment by providing multiplexing capabilities, streamlined workflows, and highly accurate results. Faster, more comprehensive testing allows for proactive quality control, preventing costly recalls and ultimately protecting consumers and brand reputation.



EnSURE® Touch & MicroSnap®: Elevating Dairy Hygiene Monitoring for Optimal Efficiency and ROI

Environmental monitoring plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of dairy products throughout the production process. By proactively identifying and addressing potential contamination risks in the production environment, dairies can prevent costly product recalls, protect their brand reputation, and maintain consumer trust. Implementing an efficient and reliable environmental monitoring solution is crucial for dairies to optimize their hygiene practices, comply with regulatory requirements, and uphold the highest food safety standards. Hygiena's integrated environmental monitoring solutions, specifically the EnSURE Touch system, offer dairy operations a significant return on investment compared to alternatives. 

With its unique smartphone-like touchscreen interface, the EnSURE Touch is easy to use, reducing the staff's learning curve. This simplicity allows for quick adoption and implementation, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent on extensive training, which is often required with other systems. Dairies can allocate their staff more efficiently and focus on core operations by minimizing the need for specialized training.

Moreover, the EnSURE Touch's versatility in performing various tests, such as ATP monitoring, allergen detection, and microbiological quality indicators, eliminates the need for multiple testing systems. This all-in-one approach streamlines operations reduces equipment costs and simplifies staff training. Consolidating testing into a single platform improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to managing multiple testing systems from different vendors.

The EnSURE Touch's advanced features, including its high sensitivity, broad range of testing capabilities, and low detection limits, enable dairies to proactively identify potential contamination issues before they escalate into costly problems. By detecting contaminants early, dairies can prevent product recalls, production downtime, and damage to their reputation, all of which can have significant financial implications.


Hygiena's MicroSnap line, used with the EnSURE Touch, offers dairies a significant return on investment by providing rapid, accurate, and actionable results for critical hygiene monitoring. The MicroSnap line includes specific indicator organism testing devices targeting Coliform, E. coli, Enterobacteriaceae, and Total Viable Counts, enabling dairies to pinpoint contamination risks highly relevant to their operations. Dairies can obtain same-day results by leveraging MicroSnap with the EnSURE Touch, facilitating rapid cleaning adjustments and equipment release.

In contrast, competitor devices often require 24-48 hour waits or rely on less accurate estimations, leading to delayed decision-making or an increased risk of contamination incidents. These delays can result in costly product holds, production downtime and potential product recalls, all of which negatively impact a dairy's bottom line.

Furthermore, MicroSnap's simple two-step process, made possible with the patented Snap-Valve technology, dramatically simplifies the workflow. This innovative design minimizes user error and ensures consistent and reliable results, reducing the risk of false positives or negatives that can lead to unnecessary product holds or undetected contamination issues. Dairies can save valuable time and resources by minimizing the need for retests, allowing them to focus on core operations and maintain optimal production efficiency.


EnSURE Touch's seamless integration with SureTrend®, our secure, cloud-based data analysis platform, further amplifies the ROI for dairies. Users can monitor, track, and trend their testing data across multiple facilities, thus having a complete overview of the hygiene status. This centralized approach enables managers to identify trends, prioritize interventions, and allocate resources more effectively, ultimately reducing the risk of costly contamination incidents and product recalls. 

By leveraging the power of data-driven insights, dairies can proactively optimize their sanitation processes, minimize production downtime, and protect their brand reputation. These actions contribute to a more robust bottom line and a significant return on investment. 


Innovate™ Rapid Microbial Screening System vs. Competitors: Unmatched Speed, Accuracy, and Flexibility for Dairy Safety Testing

Final product testing is a critical step in ensuring dairy products' safety, quality, and consistency before reaching consumers. Therefore, implementing an efficient and reliable final product testing solution is crucial for dairies to optimize their operations, minimize risks, and maximize their return on investment. Hygiena's Innovate Rapid Microbial Screening System offers dairies a superior solution for final product testing compared to alternative systems on the market.

ATP Outperforms pH in the Real World

The Innovate System utilizes adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence technology, which offers significant advantages over traditional pH testing methods some competitors use. 

Real-world studies have demonstrated the superiority of ATP bioluminescence compared to pH testing. In a study comparing ATP and pH methods for detecting Staphylococcus aureus, the Innovate Rapid Microbial Screening System using ATP bioluminescence detected contamination in just 24 hours, while pH took 48 hours to show significant changes.

ATP's speed and sensitivity make it superior for detecting even slow-growing organisms. Another study focused on detecting Pseudomonas aeruginosa in dairy and plant-based products. The Innovate System detected P. aeruginosa with 100% accuracy at every time point, while pH methods only detected up to 21% of contaminated samples after 6 days.

Why choose Innovate for Dairy Testing?

Aside from the ATP testing base of the Innovate, several features have been specifically designed to alleviate the problems faced by the dairy industry. For instance, the Innovate System's flexible multi-matrix testing capability allows users to analyze milk, cheese, yogurt, and other diverse dairy and dairy-alternative products on the same plate. 

This feature enables efficient batch testing, which is impossible with single-sample systems. By accommodating up to 96 varied samples in one run, the Innovate System maximizes throughput while eliminating the risks of holding back batches awaiting matrix-specific analysis. This streamlined approach reduces inventory carrying costs and warehousing requirements, contributing to a positive ROI for dairies. 


Moreover, the Innovate System's onboard reagent cooling maintains kit component stability for 5 days, minimizing waste compared to just 2 days for competitor solutions. The system's rugged pump-based injectors also reduce downtime risks associated with mechanically fragile syringes and laser dispersal technologies prone to failure. These features defend testing continuity during high-volume seasons, ensuring consistent and reliable results that prevent costly product recalls or delays.

Hygiena's RapiScreen™ Dairy reagent kit, used exclusively with the Innovate System, has been awarded AOAC RI PTM Certification for its consistency and reliability when testing different product matrices. This certification gives dairies added confidence in implementing the Innovate System for their products, as it validates the system's precision and accuracy across its entire workflow.

The Innovate System's LIMS connectivity and automated sample handling with the Autosampler III further streamline the testing process, reducing manual labor and minimizing the risk of human error. These features improve efficiency and contribute to cost savings by optimizing resource allocation and reducing the need for retests. 


In summary, Hygiena's Innovate Rapid Microbial Screening System and the RapiScreen Dairy reagent kits offer dairies a comprehensive solution for final product testing that delivers a significant return on investment. By providing rapid, accurate, and reliable results, along with features such as multi-matrix testing, extended reagent stability, and automated sample handling, the Innovate System enables dairies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and ensure the highest product safety and quality standards.

Optimizing Dairy Operations: The Integrated Power of SureTrend® Analytics

Traditional and fragmented rapid testing methods leave dairies with disconnected silos of data, limiting their ability to gain actionable insights. Hygiena's SureTrend data analytics platform integrates seamlessly with EnSURE Touch, BAX, MicroSnap and our wide range of allergen tests. This unlocks the true power of Hygiena's testing platform, transforming raw data into cost-saving intelligence:

  • Beyond Scattered Results: SureTrend compiles and organizes data across all your testing and data collection protocols, revealing macro-level and granular contamination trends and sanitation effectiveness trends. This centralized hub creates a historic archive for comparing progress across facilities, shifts, cleaning protocols, etc.
  • From Reactive to Proactive: Competitor platforms often treat results in isolation, forcing producers to play a reactive game of "whack-a-mole" with recurring problems. SureTrend empowers dairies to move beyond these problems, identifying hotspots and hidden weaknesses in cleaning practices to prevent problems before they happen. This results in more targeted sanitation protocols, reduced chemical costs, and ongoing optimizations.
  • Risk-Based Decisions: Without a centralized picture, prioritizing actions can be complex. SureTrend's dashboards highlight sanitation patterns across a dairy's operations, pinpointing high-risk zones for cleaning resources. This risk-based approach minimizes waste on ineffective tactics and directs efforts where they make the most impact.
  • Reduced Retests and Retained Product: Data-driven decision-making using SureTrend minimizes errors and variability in results. This reduces the need for precautionary product holds and unnecessary retests. Fewer batches are unnecessarily sidelined, maximizing revenue potential and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Scalable for Every Dairy: As a cloud-based system, SureTrend does not need expensive, complex on-site software installation. Its flexible system grows with a dairy's needs without adding complexity as new users or facilities come online. SureTrend also automates and unifies reporting processes, liberating teams from time-consuming tasks to focus on other strategic activities. 

SureTrend transforms Hygiena's comprehensive testing solutions into a unified engine for protecting product quality and streamlining operations.


Real Dairy Success Stories: Trusting Hygiena's Impact in the Field

In a recent video testimonial, Dirk Krowas, Head of Microbiology at the Dairy Teaching and Research Institute in Oranienburg near Berlin and a longstanding customer, shared insights into how Hygiena's foodproof PCR systems have significantly advanced their dairy testing processes. While the institute primarily uses these PCR systems, Mr Krowas acknowledged Hygiena's portfolio's breadth and applicability to the broader dairy industry.

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Securing Your Dairy's Future: The Lasting Value of Hygiena's Innovations

An unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and customer success backs Hygiena's industry-leading solutions. Central to this is our state-of-the-art Applications Lab, where a dedicated team of scientists in the USA, Germany and the UK work to validate and optimize our technologies for an ever-expanding range of food matrices and customer needs. 

For dairy producers, this means having a partner beyond just supplying testing products. Our Applications Lab collaborates directly with customers to:

  • Design and execute customized validation studies, ensuring Hygiena's solutions deliver maximum accuracy and performance for unique dairy matrices and processing environments.
  • Investigate and troubleshoot atypical results, providing expert guidance to optimize testing protocols and maintain the highest confidence levels in your pathogen detection program.
  • Continuously expand validation data for new and emerging dairy products, future-proofing your investment as your business grows and innovates.

With expertise spanning the entire Hygiena portfolio, from environmental monitoring and final product testing with Real-time PCR to product quality testing using ATP bioluminescence, ATP cleaning verification and rapid indicator organism testing, our Application Lab scientists are an extension of your quality team. Their singular focus is generating the scientific data and insights you need to make proactive, informed decisions to protect your brand.

When you partner with Hygiena, you gain access to this unparalleled knowledge base and commitment to your success. It is the assurance that as your testing needs evolve, we will be there with the validated solutions and support to help you stay ahead of the curve.

While others offer one-size-fits-all products, Hygiena is invested in continually sharpening our competitive edge. Leverage our Applications Lab to convert testing challenges into bottom-line value - today and for the future of your dairy business.



Driving Dairy Forward: Hygiena's Role in Shaping Tomorrow's Food Safety

In today's competitive and regulated dairy landscape, a comprehensive, proactive approach to food safety is not just a requirement - it is a business imperative. From farm to fork, dairy producers need a testing partner beyond simple pass/fail results to deliver actionable insights and measurable ROI. Hygiena's integrated ecosystem of rapid, accurate, and easy-to-use testing solutions, backed by the unparalleled support of our Applications Lab and data analytics capabilities, empowers you to take control of your microbial risks and protect your brand.

By partnering with Hygiena, you are not just investing in best-in-class technology. You are gaining a long-term ally in your mission to optimize food safety, streamline operations, and elevate your bottom line. Our commitment to continuous improvement and customer success means you can trust us to evolve with your needs, helping you stay ahead of emerging threats and seize new opportunities. Whether you are looking to upgrade from outdated testing methods, expand your product portfolio, or implement a more data-driven approach to quality control, Hygiena has the solutions, expertise, and unwavering support to help you succeed. Do not settle for just detecting contamination - partner with Hygiena to transform your food safety program into a profit driver and unlock a new level of operational excellence.

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