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Typical Allergen Management Controls

Food Safety

Typical Allergen Management Controls

Produce safe products free of allergens

In Episode 1 we learned about the impact allergies can have on consumers and businesses. In this episode, Comaine Van Zijl, Allergen Management Specialist emphasizes the responsibility of food businesses to produce safe products, which includes making sure they don't contain undeclared allergens. To achieve this, regular risk reviews and an appropriate allergen control plan are essential.

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What is an allergen management plan?

An allergen management plan is an organization's formal documented plan, describing all the controls and processes that should be in place in order to be able to manage allergens, from start to finish. Typically, allergens need to be controlled at multiple stages of manufacturing: from ordering and receiving ingoing ingredients through to final product packing. The objective of an allergen control plan is to prevent and mitigate the risk of allergen cross-contact and the presence of undeclared allergens in a final product. Typically, an organization will have a combination of controls in place. This episode will talk you through each one of these. In Episode 3, we will focus on allergen cleaning and what to consider when developing a cleaning regime.

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